Posted: April 18, 2012 in Thoughts
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We assume we know the ways or paths the Almighty will bless us or provide for us, based on our experiences and knowledge of our circumstances.  Because we assume that way, we can become disappointed when those things, that we assume should happen, don’t.

Disappointment, anger, wandering thoughts, loss of faith…

Let’s say you serve the king of a nation and he tells you something that he will do, like give you great wealth or a great position.  Would you then seek other ways to obtain wealth or position? Or would you trust that king to do as he promised?

Ultimate trust, is not going behind the back of the person making the promise.  But, it is trusting beyond all reason that that person will come through and bring honor to his words.

If the Lord tells you he will make a way, that job is yours, you will have what you ask…why do we, as a people, look for other ways to make those things happen instead of trusting our Lord?

How would you feel if you planned a grand party for your very best friend and told them that you had it under control?  Then your best friend found another to prepare this grand party behind your back.  How would you feel? Is it not the same when we don’t trust God?

Did God not make the Heavens and the Earth?   Did God not create every ounce of what you see, taste, touch, hear, and feel?   Who are we to think or say that God you made everything and I believe that, but I can’t see you or feel you so although I believe, I am still going to worry about things and try to figure it out on my own. “Praise the Lord“.

Assumption is dangerous. Assumption can twist your mind and bend your faith. Assumption is something I have had a very hard time with and the Lord showed me today what I didn’t even realize. That I assume.

The Lord will do things how and when he deems right.  Who am I to dare “assume” I know the thoughts of God?

I understand all to well how hard it is to go from one pattern of thinking to another.  It’s like night and day.

I thought I knew so much, then I realize…I know nothing.


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