Hyprocacy or Sincerity?

Posted: April 29, 2012 in Thoughts
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As “Christians” don’t we feel more comfortable praying for people that have the same belief? If they are lying in bed, ailing, we go over…drop off food…pray…pat them on the shoulder or give them a hug and say take care…leave it up to God. Then those ailing people give you validation that you did a good thing today.

What of those that don’t believe as you do? Those sitting in a bed, angry at God.  Those that believe in another god. Those that are so fed up with hypocrites they spit when they look at you.  Would you pray for them? Would you give them food and a hug?  Or would you be intimidated and back away or pretend they aren’t there?

People know when you are not sincere, so are you? Am I?


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