Posted: January 1, 2013 in Devotional
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The following link is to a devotional that is needed in today’s churches.  I especially liked this blog because it is exactly what has happened to me this past year.  There have been moments of sunshine but a lot of the year was the Lord purging the things out of me that needed to be purged; wither I knew it at the time or not.  This (myself) will always be a work in progress but I’m learning through every pain, every struggle, and every victory just how real the Lord God truly is. How much He loves me and how much He wants me to be free in every area that I am/was bound in.

Living a devoted life as a Christian never was easy and it never will be. God not only told us in advance but He promised to remain by our side as long as we remain faithful. My roots are growing deeper everyday and there is no pulling out now.

I was a Christian in name but not in devotion for over 14 years. I still have a lot to learn, but I am grateful to my Lord for never giving up on me and always waiting for me to make the ultimate choice to serve Him no matter what.

Please click on the link below, thank you. 🙂



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