Watch “Jack Van Impe (2.15.14)”

Posted: February 17, 2014 in Video Messages
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  1. Michael Snow says:

    How come Impe is using the atheistic BCE ?

  2. Spade2012 says:

    Michael, thank you for commenting, Because of your comment stating the term BCE I learned something new. I did not know what BCE was and so I looked it up. What I found was that this term was created because certain groups, mostly educational in nature, wanted to apparently differentiate the Christian system of dating and everyone else that either do not believe in Christ or wish to be politically correct. After educating myself on the term I searched for JVI and BCE and found nothing but accusations and no links proving that Mr. Impe approved and/or advocated the term BCE in replacement of BC in his programs, nor do I recall any. Since I cannot give you a clear “he does not do this and here is the proof” I have since written JVIM and hope to receive a response on this matter. I will update this conversation as soon as I can.

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