The Decision that Changed a Nation

Posted: June 26, 2015 in General, Local News

Five men made a decision today that changed history and will affect a nation. Defined people think of this as a momentous event, while others are in shock and disarray seeing the changes that are taking place in our country.  Some people are obtaining illusionary rights and privileges, while others are having their foundational rights and privileges taken away.

This post is not focused the term today’s culture describes as love, nor is it about hate, this is about freedom. Religious freedom. The freedom for everyone to believe and live out those beliefs is what make America America. That very rightful freedom is found in the first amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America by which this very country was founded and it is eroding away at an alarming pace.

I am a believer and follower of Jesus Christ and there are certain standards by which I live. This sentence stating my belief has now automatically become a slogan of hate. The narrow minded view that every bible-believing Christian that has dared to express their unapproving opinion about the decisions of some, somehow expresses only hate is frankly pretentious and unfounded.

I do not approve of same sex relations because it is a sin in God’s eyes, just like I do not approve of my own sins. Sin is sin, no matter what label you put on it. Don’t like the term sin…too harsh? Doing something wrong is doing something wrong, plain and simple.  Am I saying these things looking down, no, I am saying them looking up because Jesus Christ has not given up on me despite my stupid decisions.

Now, for those that have read this until now, I thank you. If you have read this and see me as a hateful person, that’s okay. Why, because you don’t know me as a person. I have friends and acquaintances that have chosen various directions in life and they know me as a person and they know, I do not hate them. I may not agree with their choices, but there is no hate. And that is enough.

     This little blog is about two things; religious freedom and my personal beliefs. Take away pretty words like rights, privilege, freedom, love and what you have is, “God says no, I say no”.

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