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Hal Lindsey Report (12.19.14):


I was there! Really good press conference. All the speakers did very well!

George Barna gives an in depth look at statistics throughout or culture and where we may be headed as a nation.

“There is a time for everything…
A time to be silent and a time to speak.

Ecclesiastes 3:1,7

The freedom of religious expression was chief among America’s founding principles. However, today there is an unprecedented effort to deny this most basic of human rights in almost every area of American life. A Time to Speak is a 60-minute film from the American Family Association highlighting the urgent need for Christians to pray, speak out and vote. It’s a clarion call for the Church to break the silence and preserve this freedom for the coming generations.

“Our religious freedoms are under full frontal assault. I’m more convinced than ever that A Time To Speak can educate pastors and church leaders on the dangers of losing religious liberty. It will also equip them with resources to turn the tide in the most important endeavor of my lifetime. If we lose now, the window of opportunity to turn it around will close. ” — Don Wildmon, AFA Founder

insert taken from: A Time To Speak

America was worth fighting for then and America is worth fighting for now! THANK YOU to all the brave soldiers past and present who chose to fight to give and protect our freedom and the freedom of others!