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America was worth fighting for then and America is worth fighting for now! THANK YOU to all the brave soldiers past and present who chose to fight to give and protect our freedom and the freedom of others!



Attention all Americans! It time we get our heads of out of the sand and start paying attention to the things going on in Our country today. You say this country is the essence of freedom? Do you want to remain free? Free to speak up about anything (including the decisions of the government), free to protect yourselves from enemies foreign and domestic, free to choose and practice your religion without being given a checklist on what u can and cannot standup for within your religion? These freedoms are being taking away a little at a time and some are applauding while others see the terrible road this country is heading down. Want the right “change”? Then its time to get back to the basics this country was founded on: real truth, real justice, and the real ways and standards of God.  I am a believer in Jesus Christ who loves this country, and I’ve said my piece.