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Personally, I have always had an issue with my own self-worth.  Being bullied, ignored, and not taken seriously as a child; are all things that can dig a nice trench around your life making it harder for people to cross as you get older.  My personal trench is so deep and wide that only Jesus was able to cross to the middle.  Now the Lord is helping me fill in some places of the trench by helping me see who I am, according to Him, before anything else.  Honestly, my trench has a way to go before I let anyone other than God cross it.  It’s a work in progress, and I’m clinging to God like a child clings to the pant leg of their parent shyly anticipating the coming intrusion.

I used to be overly aware and placed abnormal importance on others thoughts, actions, and expectations of me.  It didn’t matter if they knew me or not.  Living that way was tiring and too stressful.  I used to over meditate on the smallest actions or facial expressions of the people I came in contact with, to the point of depression.  The devil wanted to keep me bound to that way of thinking, but God crossed my trench and proved He loved me for me, and helped me see that the only control the enemy has over me is the control I give him.  That’s why it is extremely important to know what God sees in you [how much He loves you and cares about you], because if you know the real truth then the lies do not, and will not, seem like truth anymore.

I couldn’t sleep last night and I believe the Lord gave me this next thought, because it prompted me to write this particular blog:

You don’t have to prove yourself to others – seek God first and gain wisdom. The rest will follow.

You don’t have to prove yourself to you – when your brain is too busy to let your heart talk, you have the authority to tell your brain to keep quiet.

You don’t have to prove yourself to God – He already knows you better than you [will ever] know yourself anyway.

I pray that you find encouragment with these words, and if you’re like me…please know that:

* No one has the power to tell you what you are and are not; you always have the final say-so.

The Lord God is the only one that can sort the lies and show you the truth.  Some lies are so deeply rooted that it takes more time to uproot them because of the pain caused, but if you allow Jesus to do the uprooting; He will carry you through , soothe your pain, dry your tears, and bring you everlasting joy and peace.

He’s doing that for me….and He’ll do that for you :-D.


In many areas of understanding, none so much as in our understanding of God, 

we bump up against a simplicity so profound that we must assign complexities to it

to comprehend it at all.  It is mindful of how we paste decals to a sliding glass door

to keep from bumping our nose against it.     ~Robert Brault